Supporting transitional change on the web platform and in browsers with funding, coordination and development.

Changing the web is hard, and for good reasons. But it should not be impossible, or the web itself cannot grow and change with the needs of the people who use it.

Many want changes to the web and browsers, but the barriers are often too high and the process too long. Even experimentation can require decades of expertise and a lot of time and space.

WebTransitions helps advance the web with:

Areas of work


After many years working towards paradigmatic change on the web at Mozilla and Protocol Labs, WebTransitions was formed by Dietrich Ayala as a not-for-profit organization (pending) to enable experimentation and innovation on the web platform. It is a connector between those who want to see change on the web, and those who can help make it happen - or at least help to learn whether it should or could happen at all.

Currently working with these fine folks, among others:

Let's do interesting things together

Do you need help getting a bug in a browser fixed? A new feature added to browsers or the web, or a web standards issue moved forward? Or evaluate browser product, feature idea or new web protocol? Something completely different but very relevant to everything you read so far?

Please email hello@webtransitions.org.